Wanted Salmonella

Stop and keep off


Raw and undercooked eggs, unpasteurized dairy, Undercooked poultry and meat , fresh fruit and vegetables. Do not eat or drink any of these things you will get sick. This is where salmonella is found watch out.


1. Diarrhea



You can prevent yourself and your family from getting it if you cook your poultry, ground beef, and eggs through. Wash your hands ,kitchen work supplies and surfaces. Don't work with raw poultry or meat and a infant at the same time.


You can outsmart them by washing your tools in warm soapy water, and wash your fruits and vegetables.

Ways to get salmonella out of your kitchen are,

1.wash dishes 4. Separate your raw food from your cooked food

2.cook food through 5. on't handle a child while you are working with raw foods.

3. wash hands

Salmonella Entering the Intestinal Tract