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Common feature of the different approaches

The ambition is to create development, not finding the existing values. To be good and queue management have the legitimacy of the organization, the values must be rubber stamped by senior management. Employees can refer to the basic values when they are critical of conditions in the workplace, also to their own boss or management.

The employee's role in value queue management the work of various types of value management Branding on values Value Management Camaraderie License criticism Defining the queue solutions address organizations values is defined by management, if necessary.

With input from employees and other queue management stakeholders can both be defined by management and employees, Management initiates a process where employees participate actively in defining the organizations values is defined in a value process in which employees participate and authorized by management Implementation.

The values communicated by management queue management to employees and to customers Employees accept values as their own managers and employees is common to implement the organizations values implemented partly through defining and active use of employees.

The use of values in everyday life used to provide an overall idealized image of the organization in the outside world Behaviour which differ from values can be described as wrong values express a common understanding as taken for granted in everyday life values used as a reference in the discussion and to reflection Source Adapted from HagedornRasmussen, Jags et al. 2006, p.

25 As is clear from the above discussion, there is great difference in the role employees play in the various value management strategies. At a very general level, one can speak of a growing degree of involvement of the employees from branding over to and license to criticism Strategy. There may be queue solutions address different levels of employee involvement in the various strategies, but there may also be various forms of involvement in the various strategies.

Nevertheless queue management a to value based management that it is expected that employees can and will live the values Andersen 2006. It is also characteristic of the study of value management to queue management the conditions that may complicate the employees actual live demonstrations of values, has not received much attention.

In this paper we shall try through a case study of the value of work in a manufacturing plant, to illustrate how employees involvement in the value processes can contribute to skills essential to the company's development and in the light of the case discuss the challenges involving the employees make to management.

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