Our Class News

November 13, 2014

This Week

Friday will be the Atten"dance" for those with perfect attendance and no tardies for this grading period. We will start doing this each six weeks. Tardies are becoming an issue; please have your child here by 7:40. Several students come in around 8:00 and haven't eaten breakfast. We are done with breakfast by 8:00 and have cleaned up and started our academic day. Thanks for your help.

When your child is reading to you remind him/her to point to the words and LOOK at the words he/she is saying. It is a great strategy to use the pictures to figure out hard words, but we are transitioning from "reading the pictures" to reading the words and correcting ourself when we say the wrong word. Please help your child work on this at home too.

In math we began our unit on the numbers 11-15. We are building the numbers with ten frames and noticing that when the ten frame is full we don't have to count those we automatically know there are ten. Writing the teen numbers is a very difficult skill. It is a common misconception to write "31" for 13, etc. Please work on this at home to get ahead of their creating that bad habit. :)

Brr! That cold weather really snuck up on us! We go out to recess at 9:45/10ish. We go everyday unless it's raining or the windchill is below 40 degrees. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and brings a jacket/coat labeled with his/her name. This is me acting as the "pot calling the kettle black" because my 16 year old attempted to wear shorts to school yesterday. So please understand I get it. Life happens. Just do what you can. :)


  • Report cards will go home 11/17 (due to a glitch we had to re do some of them) - please sign and return the report card envelope
  • Book orders due 11/21 (remember we cannot accept cash or check - online orders only)
  • Early Release 11/26
  • No school 11/27 & 11/28 Happy Thanksgiving
  • Dec. 12 DRA Testing (reading level) - I'll have a sub

Mrs. Hoelscher's contact information

My conference time is 1:10-1:55

The school number is below, but feel free to text or call me at (512)426-6190 when something important comes up.

Numbers in the Teens (They Start with a 1) (song for kids about teen numbers)
Tattle Questions (song for kids about not tattling)
Letter K Song
Letter V Song

Things we've learned so far...

You can reinforce these things at home for review.


Letters (to identify, name the sound & write)

Ll Oo Gg Hh Dd Xx Mm Rr Ss Ee Aa Bb Ii Tt Cc Yy Pp Zz Kk Vv

Sight words (read & write/spell)

like I the a and see can we to yes no

Decoding strategies (figuring out unknown words)

point to the words

use picture clues

sound out the word

beginning sound and what makes sense




events in a story (B/M/E)


author's group information in ways to help us understand (informational texts)


Numbers (identify, build & write) 0-15

Comparing numbers 0-10

Sorting & organizing data

creating graphs

Social Studies

  • why people work
  • needs vs. wants
  • why we have rules
  • community helpers
  • Verteran's Day


  • science tools/ lab safety
  • hand-washing/ germs
  • recycling
  • 5 senses
  • force & motion
  • magnets