People persevering

Carl Reina


Getting through faltering times and not looking back.

Description of Eleanor Roosevelt's Life

She had a father that was an alcoholic. Her parents wanted a boy. She was called ugly duckling as a child and her mom called her granny.

Ashes of Roses Sequence

First Rose and her family moved from Ireland to America. Second her and her family lived with there uncle Patrick. Third her and her sister stayed and her family moved back. Fourth Rose and her sister start working at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory. Final there is a huge fire at the Triangle shirt waist factory and because of Rose's resilience she just makes it out in time.
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Picture of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire.
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Problem Solution Jackie Robinson

Branch Rickey saw a problem in racism and he used Jackie Robinson as a solution. Jackie was one of the first black people to start making change. He also broke many racial boundaries.
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To learn from others perseverance can help us in many ways. We can learn by incorporating the ways they persevere through adversity in the ways we do. We can follow them and help others persevere.