Amazing Ants

By Anna Sartes


Did you know that ants don"t just crawl around. Did you know that these little creatures have been around for more than one million years and longer than dinosaurs. They do much more than that.Ants are hardworking insects and are only very little and carry so much their size.They do a lot for us.Here are some very interesting facts on how they live their life as these very small insects.


There are many ways for ants to work and make their food. Here are some ways. They first is they find the leaves , then they gather the leaves,then they carry the leaves from their heads, chop them to smaller pieces and share it with the colony. Then when the leaves turn into fungus they eat it.
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How ants build

Ants work hard to build shelter. Here are some facts on how they build. They dig more than 20 feet. They can also dig up more than 16 million tons. That's enough to fill 13 million dump trucks.They can make tunnels out of very damp dirt.

How strong ants are

Ants are very strong insects. Here are some cool facts on how strong they are. Ants can carry things 100x their weight. They can carry seeds 5x their weight.They can lift about 13 pounds of dirt.As you know that is a lot of dirt for an ant to carry and it's only that big. Lastly ants are one of the strongest insects.
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As you can see our ants are very interesting insects of the world.