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Respectful. Responsible. Safe. September 25, 2020

John Marshall Elementary


To create and maintain an environment that ensures all students reach their highest level of achievement in academics, fine arts, physical fitness and social behavior as determined by the common core standards. We commit to a comprehensive system of support to ensure these outcomes.

Principal: Ms. Patterson

Secretary: Mrs. Aderholdt

Notes from Ms. Patterson

Hello John Marshall Families!

Thank you all for helping support your child and for your flexibility as the Marshall teachers administered the fall benchmark assessments. These assessments are what we consider to be screeners, meaning they don’t impact student grades, but are meant to help teachers better know your child as a learner, where they have gaps in their learning, and to help them create lessons more tailored to their needs.

  • All K-5 students participate in FastBridge assessments. This is a series of assessments of student math and English language arts skills and help the teacher know what skills a student has mastered already and what skills they need to continue to work on. This will be given again in January and in May to measure the growth your child makes over the course of the year.

  • All K-5 students participate in the iReady diagnostic math assessment. This one is “computer adaptive,” which means when students get questions correct, the questions get harder and when they have incorrect answers, they get easier. The goal is for the system to pinpoint specific skills your child has mastered in different math domains such as geometry, numbers and operations. Your child is then placed in the iReady online math program with virtual lessons tailored to their specific needs.

  • 2nd grade students participate in the MAP Growth Assessment. This assessment is also “computer adaptive” for both math and English language arts. This is used to format teacher instruction, along with being used for the Gifted and Talented program’s identification process.

We appreciate your encouragement and engagement in this process to help us better meet your child’s needs this year.

Wishing you a healthy and safe day!

Ms. Patterson

Marshall Family goes Gold!

Our Marshall family goes gold for Claire and all other children battling childhood cancer. We invite you to go gold with us during the month of September. Check out the video below from our spirit day last week! #MarshallFamily
Going Gold for Claire

Virtual Learning Information

  • Students are expected to be signed in and begin the virtual school day at 8:30 AM.
  • Attendance will be taken each day (Monday - Thursday) between 8:30 - 10:00 AM by the homeroom teachers.
  • If a child does not appear virtually during this time period, they will be marked absent. If a child is marked absent, a communication will be sent from the school office to the parent/guardian to confirm when the student will access content and complete learning.
  • If communication is received from the parent/guardian, the child will be marked present.
  • If no communication is received from the parent/guardian, the child will be marked absent.
  • If you are having technology issues, please contact your child's teacher or the help desk.

Reminder that there are no classes on Fridays during this virtual learning time. Fridays will be used for students to catch up on any work they still need to complete and for teachers to have a planning day for the following week.

Technology Support

Our technology help desk can be reached at: 715-261-0833.

To submit an online form, please click here. This is the fastest way for any student or parent to obtain technology support. A team is constantly reviewing and responding to submissions. Any student in need of device repair or exchange will be required to complete this form.

If you need to request a hotspot, please call our front office.

October Encore Rotation Calendar

See the below calendar for information on what day and rotation it is for Encore classes. For specific class log-in information, please reference the following document:
Big picture

Meet our Encore Team!

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Big picture
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Important Paperwork and Information:

Message from our PTO - John Marshall Apparel!

It's here! All new Panthers apparel! The store opens 9/21 and closes 10/2. Make sure to check it out and order yours today! Click HERE to visit the store. For more information on our PTO, follow them on Facebook.

Referendum - John Marshall

For more information on the referendum and how it impacts John Marshall, please visit this link.

Please join us on October 1st at 5:30 PM at Hawthorn Elementary for a presentation from Administration on the referendum. Your questions will be answered at the end of the presentation.

Infinite Campus Portal

Make sure that you are set up for your Infinite Campus Portal to get all of your student's information. You can login/set up your account here. If you have any questions, please contact our school office.

Blessings in a Backpack

Every Friday the Blessings in a Backpack program will be available at John Marshall Elementary. Distribution will be done as a drive up every Friday from 11:00am-1:00pm. Parents/Guardians can drive up and receive one Blessings in a Backpack bag per child. Numbers may be limited per school building, so it will be based on first come first serve. Blessings in a Backpack is a program that is offered in the Wausau School District and DC Everest School District to provide weekend meals for school age children.

Any questions about the program at John Marshall School, please contact Jen Graf, School Social Worker, at 715-261-0207.

Nutrition Services: Breakfast & Lunches

John Marshall families can apply for free breakfast and lunch! To pick-up lunch and breakfasts from the Wausau School District, you must sign your family up on the Paypams site. Families will order food for the week and will choose the pick-up location for this food. There are drop down menus on PayPams for ordering and choosing your site location.

Meal pickup is every Monday from 11 AM to 12 PM in the John Marshall Parking Lot.

For meal questions, please contact our Nutrition Services team: Mrs. Paul and Mrs. Schelke. If you need help ordering meals, please use the following document:

Ipad Insurance & Agreement

Please remember, if you have indicated that you wish to accept the WSD iPad insurance, but have not sent the $10 (per device) payment, please send cash or check (made out to WSD) to the school office. Payment can also be made on the student's portal online. If payment is not received or insurance is declined, families assume the full cost of any and all repairs to devices. For the WSD handbook, click here.

For iPad Insurance questions or to submit payment, please contact the school office.

John Marshall Staff

Pupil Services Team:

School Psychologist: Mr. Susa

School Counselor: Mrs. Ehlert

Social Worker: Mrs. Graf

Regular Education Teachers:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Ekiss & Mrs. Thimm

1st Grade: Mrs. Frame & Mrs. Bartz

2nd Grade: Mrs. Derfus & Mrs. Knoke

3rd Grade: Mrs. Euting & Mrs. Brown

4th Grade: Mrs. Martin & Mrs. Wonders

5th Grade: Ms. Her & Mr. Reiche

Encore Teachers:

Art: Ms. Anderson

Music: Ms. Monahan

Physical Education: Mr. Whalen

Gifted & Talented: Ms. Hahner

Library: Mrs. Strandberg-Bauer

Science: Mrs. Selby

Special Education Teachers:

Mr. Brotz

Ms. Delong

Ms. Nelson

Ms. Schroeder

Speech: Mr. Kennedy

English Learner/Bilingual Teacher:

Mrs. Schaefer-Edwards

Title Teacher:

Mrs. Stadler


Mrs. Barthel - Health Aide

Mrs. Felver- Title 1 Para

Ms. Leffin - Special Education

Mrs. Marten - Special Education

Mrs. Petit - Special Education

Mrs. Pergolski - Title 1 Para & Building Aide

Mrs. Vang - English Learners

Ms. Wawrzaszek - Building Para

Mrs. Wawrzaszek - G2M & Family Enrichment Coordinator

Mrs. Wolff - Special Education

Nutritional Services:

Mrs. Paul

Mrs. Schelke

Custodial Staff:

Mrs. Larson

Mr. Kuehl

Click on any teacher name above to send an email to that teacher.