The Great Depression

By: Moses Mason

Opponents of the New Deal

Opinion polls and different showed that America supported Roosevelt.

Liberal Critics

A lot of socialists and extreme liberal in the Democratic party started to change their minds against the New Deal . They didn't like it because it was doing to much business and said it did nothing for unemployment and the for the poor .

Conservative Critics

These critics were against programs such as the WPA and labor laws such as the Wagner Act . Also these critics were against socialism and communism . People were so much against these programs former Democrats decided to join the Republicans .


Three critics played a major part for being against the New Deal . Father Charles E. Coughlin his attacks on the New Deal were anti - Semitic and fascist until his church stopped him . Dr. Francis E. Townsend argued that recipents would stimulate the economy and bring the depression to an end . Huey Long tried to make a "Share Our Wealth " program that promised a good amount of income .

The Supreme Court

The supreme court killed both the NRA for business , and also they killed AAA for agricultural purposes . But Roosevelt won re-election and was able to withstand the Court .

Rise Of Unions

At this time the union began to rise up .

Formation of the C.I.O

Many unions were created by skilled white male workers organized according to crafts . All these skilled workers decided to group up and form a union called Committee of Industries Organizations .


During this time workers began to go on strike at their industries . For example the workers at Ford decided to join in on a sit-down strike , which mean they sat down and refuse to work on the assembly line . Also the Steel Industry made a group of union picketers and ended with 4 deaths .

Fair Labor Standards

A minimum wage (40 cents an hour)

A maximum workweek of 40 hours and time and a half for overtime

Child labor restrictions on those under 16

Last Phase Of The New Deal

During the last phase of the new deal two tings were very important first was the recession and then how the new deal weakened .


The recession lasted from 1937-1938 there were a lot of reasons why the people went into recession. The first reason why was that the economy took another step in the wrong direction . Another reason was that the new Social Security tax reduced consumer spending . Also proven by Keynesian economics spending was acceptable cause the government needed to spend money .

Weakened New Deal

Even though the economy improved the people no longer followed F.D.R . Then by this happening this made Democratic majority smaller which means the Republicans had a chance to take control .

Life During Depression


During the depression women played a major part . Women at this time was seeking for work so they can take care of themselves and feed their children. They were accused of taking jobs from men and by the New Deal Programs all women received lower pay .

Dust Bowl Farmers

Also during this time farmers had a lot of problems and now the Dust Bowl came . The Dust Bowl brought across a great drought against crops, which means that the farmers could produce crops or sell them . By this also happening Farmers migrated westwards to find jobs.

African Americans

At this time discrimination was still going on and blacks were the last hired and the first fired . Even though some African Americans were unemployed they were excluded from relief programs . By this going on times were heated and F.D.R gets support from civil rights leader which might make him lose white southern Democrats .

Native Americans

Native Americans were involve in New Deal programs , they went along with the Indian Reorganization Act which gave them back land .

Mexican Americans

Mexicans were also discriminated at this time and dew to job competition many Mexicans were unemployed and had to move back to Mexico .

12. The Great Depression Is The Best Case