A Streetcar Named Desire

Annotation threads for the drama

Group annotation assignment

1. Fantasy and Delusion

2. Masculinity and Physicality

3. Sexuality and Desire

4. Femininity and Dependence

5. Displacement

6. Stage Directions/Spectacle

7. Interior and Exterior

Assignment Directions

You will annotate each reading assignment before the next class period. You will be ready for class discussion with sophisticated analysis and explicit examples based on the text. You need to realize that your entire class is dependent on you fulfilling your responsibility, so that we may all learn from your examples and analysis.

Be sure to trace your topic through the entire scene. DO NOT have only one example to bring for discussion.

You are required to keep a dialectical journal for your annotations!

An Exemplary Dialectical Journal Contains the Following:

*Total number of entries are at least 10 per scene.

*Each "from text" is for your assigned annotation topic.

*Each "Interpretation/analysis" has two or more complete sentences and demonstrates fully developed thoughts or connections about the text.

Stella!!!! (Streetcar Named Desire) scene from Modern Family