Who's Fault?

By: Kimberly, Sofia, Ansley, Victor, Cassidy, and Ismael

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Do Not Blame Everyone

On October 14,1962 after the US fired missiles into Turkey , and the Soviet Union launched missiles into Cuba, the US got very frightened and worried. They put a blockade around the southern boarder of the US and got ready for a Nuclear War. Before this was possible they decided to stop, and Cuba and the US made an agreement in which the US would not invade Cuba, and Cuba would clear out the missiles. This agreement was established, and there was no nuclear war. The president also secretly took away the missiles planted in Turkey. There was still hatred towards the Cubans, even the ones already in the US. Because the country with the missiles was Cuba, all Cubans were discriminated because of their ethnicity, or where they came from. Most Cubans had literally nothing to do with it but still were disliked because Cuba caused a close Nuclear War. The US citizens should not have criticized everyone when they were not all to blame.
'The Invisible Discriminator' - Stop. Think. Respect.

Discrimination is the unfair treatment of a certain group because of a certain trait they possess. Ethnic Discrimination is when someone treats a group unfairly because of their ethnicity. A person's ethnicity is their culture, ancestry, and traditions that they practice.

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Prejudice and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, power, social class, and prestige