Highland Games

Scottish Traditions!!

The Scottish Hammer Throw

One of many Scottish activities is the Hammer Throw. Many people lineup and try and throw a ball shaped hammer (such as the one below) as far as they can by spinning many times and releasing.

Caber Toss

The Caber Toss is another strength test. Instead of trying to throw it as far as you can like the hammer throw, you try to get the pole or caber to stand straight up when you toss it.
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The Bagpipe is a classic instrument that is played sort of like a flute. (This a bagpipe below.) Bagpipes are used by squeezing the bag and using the mouthpiece like a trumpet.
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Sheaf Toss

The last of which I'm going to tell you about is the Sheaf Toss. What happens is that they stab a bag that holds 16 lbs. of straw with a pitchfork. The goal is to toss the straw over a bar that is placed above the competitor's head.
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