It's a present for your tastebuds!

The best Christmas Desserts in town!

Our menu is full of sweet and rich cupcakes, cakes, cookies and so much more!!


Santa's Hats $2.30

A red velvet cupcake with vanilla icing dipped in sprinkles with a marshmallow in the middle and white chocolate chips bordering the white cupcake liner

Reindeer cakes $2.30

A chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and white chocolate chip eyes and pretzel stick antlers with a red gumdrop for a nose

Snowflake Cookies $1.50

A cookie(flavor of your choice) cut into a snowflake dropped into vanilla icing decorated with light blue icing and white sugar sprinkles

Coal Lumps $1.60

A chocolate oreo crushed up with cream cheese dunked in melted dark chocolate, sold in packages of six

Present Cakes $3.50

A cake(flavor of your choice) with a piñata effect, 3 cakes, the same size, first layer down, white chocolate for "glue", middle layer hollowed, candy in center of your choice, more "glue" and last layer on and decorated with green and red marbled fondant

Wonderland Punch $1.00

A blue punch with edible crystals and other woodland animal sprinkles

Location and Hours

We are located at the Christmas in the park in Independence Mo

Hours: 10am-7pm

Taylor Swift came to our shop and it is now on the top of her list for visiting


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