A Long Way from Chicago

Author: Richard Peck


  1. Grandma Dowdel - Grandma is good at fooling tricking people and was a good worker when it come to working for the poor.
  2. Mary Alice - Mary Alice was a seven year old in 1929 and was afraid of her Grandmother's ways and thought that she wasn't a good example in the beginning
  3. Mrs. Weidenbach - Mrs. Weidenbach is the bankers wife and loves to win for there town in competitions.
  4. Joey Dowdel - Joey is a nine year old in 1929. Joey has grown up to be a brave man and join the army and was sent of to basic training at the age of twenty -two to fight in World War II

The setting

The setting of this book is a small town rural area of Illinois , and everybody knows everyones business.

Some important events in the book are...

Grandma with the help of Mary Alice help Vandalia Eubanks escape her beating mother. Grandma gets justice from the the Cowgills blowing up her mail box by putting a mouse in the milk and threats to end their milk business.

The biggest problem in this book is...

The biggest problem is that the kids Joey Dowdel and Mary Alice are being drop of by their Grandma's house and having to adapt to the lifestyle of "the country"

At the end of the book...

The book was ended by Joey Dowdel leaving for basic training on a train and was waving at his Grandmother and Mary Alice was having to stay at Grandma Dowdel's for a whole year.