RMS Media Center Report - May '15

Check out what went on the the Media Center in May!

Media Center Stats

Student walk-in traffic - 1301

This counts students who visit the media center independently to read, study, check out books, work on the computer, or complete other tasks as assigned by their teachers. For the 10 full days the media center was open in May, that's 130/day!

Students are welcome to visit the library before and after school, as well as throughout the day with a signed pass.

Materials Circulation - 1,177 items

For the 10 full days the media center was open in May, that's over 117/day! We were closed several days in May for state testing, and when we were out of the library to do textbook check-in.

Classes - 13

Mrs. Howard's class came in to use computers.

Mrs. Wike and Mrs. Linn's classes came in to do independent research on topics of their choice.

Mrs. Mathewson's students participated in Mock Interviews.

Activities in the Media Center

We were closed for 10 days this month due to testing and textbook check in!

6th grade Health and Fitness day - Mr. Williams and Ms. Johnson informed the students about snake bites and global warming/recycling as the entire 6th grade cycled through the media center.

Library Re-organization! - We started physically moving the fiction collection into sections by genre!

Book Swap - The library hosts a book swap after we close check outs from us for the year. Students bring in gently used books and swap them out for "new" ones! So far 90 books have been re-homed!

Grant for LevelUP@RMS! - Mrs. Jenkins wrote and received a grant from the Greenville Council of Media Specialists. We got $500 to buy Little Bits Kits for the the makerspace!