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Esrthquake pbl

We had to make a house for tony stark out if simple materials Mrs. Smith gave us. We build a home usong many of our materials. What I didnt mention was the shake test. Let me explain, when were are all done each group had to go through a test. It was a tray with marbles and the plate on it, then the house on top, ours survived the shake.

30 hands project

In the 30 hands project we had to make a slide show answering the questions Mrs. smith gave us. We had to put in two pictures, at least to demonstrate the slides.

Invention Convention

We had to make an invention that uses 1 or 2 of the three Rs. (Reuse, reduce, recycle) It's supposed to help in the envirmonet. You can innovate or create a invention. We made an airplane that runs on solar and wind power. It has solar pannels all over the play and it uses wind to turn the turbine. At night it uses all of the energy that went to its storage to power the plane, it also runs of the high speeds of winds that is in the night.
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