What to Expect

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First Trimester ( Months 1 and 3 )

The sperm and egg unite in the mother's body, leading to your first trimester of pregnancy, this is the trimester where the baby starts getting facial structures.

What to expect for your baby when you're in the first trimester is that the eyelids, earlobes, mouth and nose start to make their shape and forming onto the baby.

During the fifth week of the baby forming.. the brain, spinal cord, heart and other organs form.

What to expect for the mother going threw the first trimester is, your period plays apart of your pregnancy.

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Second Trimester ( Months 4 and 6 )

What the mother can start to expect during her second trimester of her pregnancy, is that she'll start to get more comfortable because she'll feel less queasy and she'll have less morning sickness because her body still start to get use to it.

The mother will also start to realize her baby moving around. This is also the trimester where mother's start to try to talk to their babies while they're in the womb because the baby can now gain chances to hearing. ALSO the mother starts to gain weight.

What you can expect for the baby during the second trimester of the pregnancy is that their hair and fingernails start to appear and grow, this is also when the gender of the baby can appear and the bones are starting to develop.