A True hero

By- Adina


Jennifer Hook has had a passion for teaching since she was seven. Having loved school since the start, she found a way to succeed even through tough teachers, hard experiences, and others giving her negative feedback. As a result, she wanted to make learning a great experience for all. Her professors even told her that college wasn't for everyone and told her to think about dropping out. Her art teacher said she would never teach elementary school art, and her first grade teacher hated her, but she was not ready to give up. She explained that throughout all of those horrible events, she believed that teachers should be the ones who inspire their students to face new challenges and help them, not encourage them to give up. Today, Ms. Hook helps students, including me, to see that they can and will succeed at their dream, and to never give up or let someone tell them to do so. She wants to help shape their future and tell kids that they can do whatever they set their minds to and will succeed in life. She was my first grade teacher, and my elementary through 6th grade tutor and has always been an inspiration. Ms. Hook is my personal hero for many reasons, including how she creates a way to be adaptive, positive, and helpful to the person she’s interacting with. She gained a lot of self confidence and a positive attitude by creating meaningful relationships with everyone around her. Last, she stated to me that every mistake she made led her to being a very successful, confident teacher.

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Ms. Jennifer Hook, my personal hero

A cinquain poem for my personal hero.


Compassionate, Confident

Helping, Caring, Adapting

Determined to do right

Ms. Hook

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Found sculpture Picture for Hero Research/Passion Project

For my passion project, I decided to make a fund sculpture, I recorded a video of myself making the sculpture and added some background history, here is the finished product.