e-Learning Team

September Tech Meeting

Introduction Activity

Today we will introduce ourselves by creating a comic strip. The link provided will take you to different tools to do so. You will have 20 minutes to explore these tools, choose one, and create your introduction.

21st Century Learners

Think about your idea of a 21st Century Learner...How do they act? What do these learners do differently than 20th Century learners? What skills do these learners need to be successful in the 21st Century? Use the link below to post your ideas.


Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner | MacArthur Foundation

Formal Learning

Formal Learning-With the formal learning bus, the driver sets the course of travel and the passengers are simply along for the ride.

Informal Learning

Informal Learning-On the informal learning bike, the passenger rides alone, choosing the destination, speed and route as she sees fit
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So whats the purpose of this group?

Technology e-Learning Committee

This year, this group was established for the specific purpose of integrating technology into our buildings and curriculum. The district e-Learning Committee consists of 2 cohorts with approximately 24 members from grades PK-12 including teachers, administrators and instructional technology staff. This group will be meeting every other month to plan and deliver professional development opportunities for other district members. This group will serve as the technology experts in their buildings. Members will have opportunities to attend state, regional and national conferences in order to collaborate with others and learn new instructional technologies. As a member of this group, it is a commitment to help provide professional development to other teachers.


  • Provide support for new initiatives- Google Apps for Education, Chromebooks, Apps, Online assessments, blended learning environments
  • Support all stakeholders by providing information about district, building, and classroom use of technology
  • Help develop an idea of transforming learning through technology throughout the district
  • Design curriculum that supports the integration of technology
  • Edit and refine existing District Technology Plan
  • research and develop a plan for BYOD, 1:1, funding sources, and communication with the pubic about each.
  • Standardize tech behavior and guidelines
  • Guides for teachers

Dream Big, Dream School Project

  1. Get into two teams
  2. Plan a design of the perfect 21st century school
  3. Think Big...if this school will exist for the next 10-20 years what must it have to sustain 21st century learning?
  4. Think about a variety of areas such as tech integration, human resources, areas for creativity and innovation, etc.
  5. Each project must have a planning phase, a designing phase, and a presentation phase.
  6. All partners must participate in some way
  7. You will have 30 minutes to be ready to present your project.

Genius Hour