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Another week passes by!!!

Dearest readers,

Last week saw the long awaited first "Brekky with the techie". It was attended by 8 teachers and was well received. Thank you to those who turned up. I hope you continue to get great ideas from your interactions on twitter. Don't forget this weeks session. It will focus on using scootle and the program builder along with a new surprise too (see below for more info).

As promised this weeks edition is jam packed with ideas for numeracy in the classroom. There are also ways to integrate technology into your numeracy block, which is especially effective for reluctant mathematicians.

Once again I ask that if you have any ideas for articles or anything you would like me to investigate for you, please ask. It is through sharing that we learn and we never stop learning.


What's going on with student accounts!

As most of you are aware, year 3-6 students had their passwords reset last week. This presented some teething problems with the implementation. I am happy to announce that this issue has been resolved. If you feel that some of your students won't cope with the new password get in touch with Brendan or myself and we will change it back to class. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

New website rolled out from CEO

Tired of having to log in multiple times to access the CEO resources? Well now you don't have to. The CEO have decided to roll out what is called a "cloud desktop". It contains all of the resources you are likely to need in an hurry all at the click of a button. It still in the roll out stage so there may be a few glitches here and there. To access the "cloud desktop" click on the learning exchange link and find the icloud logo on the left of the page.

Website of the Week

The website this week is a UK website call "Flash Maths" The three images above show what is possible. Check it out. Keep in mind that it is a UK website and some activities may include units that are not appropriate for the Australian landscape.

Brekky with the Techie - Digital Storytelling

Thursday, Nov. 21st, 8am

Targo Road

Girraween, NSW

Come and see how digital storytelling could be integrated into your classroom. As we are aware, the face of storytelling is changing with multimodal texts being integrated into our learning more and more. Why not give the students the opportunity to let their creativity run free. I will expose you to a range of websites available for teachers and students to use. Come along and see what it's all about.

Patrick Mackey - LTST

If you have any suggestions for pieces or brekky with the Techie sessions or comments in general please contact me.