Football Hero

Young Boy Receives Work Permit as Birthday Gift

A young boy by the name of Ty Lewis, age of 12, lost his parents at a very young age. He then had to move in with his Aunt and Uncle. He was nearing 12 years old, So his Uncle looked into getting him a work permit as a surprise for his birthday. He succeeds in getting it because it's a family business called Slat'z Cleaning Business. So, if you ever need any cleaning done, he's your man.

Ty Gets Recruited by Coach

Ty Joins the Halpern Middle School Football Team

Ty Lewis was on his way to the bus. He was then dragged back by Coach V asking him why he wasn't at gym that day. Ty then continued into answering that he was getting help with someone in the office about his parents' death. Coach V proceeds to asking Ty to try out for the football team there at Halpern. His reasoning behind this is that Ty is the fastest kid in the sixth grade. Ty then agrees to tryout for the team and then eventually makes it.

Ty Held Back from Playing by His Uncle

Ty's Uncle Gus refuses to let Ty Play

It was Ty's birthday, and he was coming home from football practice. He then gets in trouble by his Aunt Virginia and Uncle Gus because they didn't know where he was and they had told him that there was a surprise waiting for him when he got home. So, when Ty told them that he thought they didn't mind if he went to the football practice since it was his birthday. Gus then asks Ty if he is getting paid. Ty answers no. Gus pulls out a work permit for Ty telling him that this will earn you money, and that money was what was needed to survive.

Ty Lewis Makes Amazing Play At the End of the Game

Ty Lewis grabs two-point conversion to end the game

Halpern was facing Brookfield in a fierce competition of a match. The game was very close throughout. It was fourth down for Halpern with no timeouts losing 24-17. Ty makes a miraculous to make the score 24-23 leaving just an extra point away from overiime or a two-point conversion to win the game. Ty had the wind knocked out of him, but he went back into the game for the two-point conversion try. Coach V has his quarterback risk the entire game on Ty. Ty comes up with an outstanding catch. He had caught with just his hand between the ball and the blades of grass. The final score: Halpern 25, Brookfield 24.