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Tutoring and Mentoring is available for FALL 2021!

To apply for Project PROA's tutoring and mentoring services, please email us at to set up your tutoring or mentoring session, and then click on the button below to fill out an application.

  • Note: Tutoring and mentoring are temporarily only available virtually through Zoom (by appointment).

Navigator Spotlight

Jan Emmanuel Dela Cruz Bobadilla

Major & Expected Graduation Date:

I already have my A.A. in Liberal Arts and my current major is A.S. in Nursing, and I'm expecting to graduate in 2023.

What made you want to become a tutor?

When I was in high school, I used to tutor as well, and my favorite part of it is when I see the look on someone's face when they actually understand what I'm trying to teach them. I also passionately believe that it is important that we can all share knowledge to bring the best out of each other and to reach our fullest potentials.

What benefits do you get by having a tutor?

An interesting quirk about me is that I tend to learn and retain information better if I teach it, so I don't necessarily see tutoring as a job—I see it as more as of an opportunity to help someone else gain knowledge and skills while I get to strengthen mine in the process.

What is one thing you're excited about for the rest of the semester?

One thing I'm excited about for the rest of the semester is being able to continue my nursing education while I tutor all my tutees. I am very appreciative of them because they are the breath of fresh air whenever I come in to work after I've had a long day of studying hard for nursing.

William Blake C. Deleon Guerrero

Major & Expected Graduation Date:

Liberal Arts Pre-Engineering Emphasis; Spring 2022

What made you want to become a mentor?

I love helping people, emotionally or academically. Whether it’s for the sake of helping others learn a subject foreign to them, or counseling students who are going through trouble, some trouble that I may not relate, but it is personally important for me to help another no matter what.

What benefits do you get by having a mentor?

Mentors come with the benefits of what tutors have, but in addition, if you seek academic, college, personal, or professional guidance, or if you just need someone to talk to, we are here to help. On a more humorous note, if you’re crying because a math problem is too hard, not only will we help you solve it, but we’ll help you feel better in the process.

What is one thing you're excited about for the rest of this semester?

I'm excited to spend time with my family once Christmas break kicks in.

Meet The NMC Department!

Learning Support Services (LSS)

What is the purpose of LSS?

Northern Marianas College, through its commitment to student learning, provides high quality, affordable, and accessible educational programs and services for the individual and people of the Commonwealth. The purpose of the Learning Support Services (LSS) is to support all students by providing academic support services to accomplish and sustain the Northern Marianas College mission.

LSS provides academic, social, and emotional support to students through several platforms to aid in their success. The counselors work collaboratively with faculty and instructors to identify and assist students referred by instructors and engage students with information, insight, and available options to assist with overcoming their individual challenges. The counselors also reach out to students on academic sanction to review options for continued enrollment and identify resources to support academic success and retention.

LSS offers tutoring services designed to provide individualized attention that facilitates student learning success. The friendly, supportive, and encouraging tutors assist students with courses related to English, Math, Science, Language, Speech, Education, Nursing, and much more.

Additionally, Career serves all students and alumni in their career development, offering resources with student employment, part-time jobs, and networking opportunities. Support and programs provided by Career Services were designed to complement the College’s academic programs by helping meet student career development and employment needs before and after graduation.

Who are the staff of LSS?

Learning Support Services consists of a director and 6 staff: Christine Inos serves as Director and oversees the International Student Services Counselor position. Margarita Prater serves as Administrative Manager. Neda C. Deleon Guerrero serves as Career Services Manager and Victim Advocate. Dawn Sablan serves as the Disability Support Services Counselor. Kaelani Demapan serves as the Early Intervention Counselor and Early Admissions Advisor. Roxanne Torres and Lupe Camacho serve as the Student Success Counselors.

What is the best way for students to contact LSS?

Counselors Email:

Career Services: (670) 237-6759;

Disability Support Services: (670) 237-6874;

International Student Services: (670) 237-6779;

Early Intervention: (670) 237-6785;

Student Success: (670) 237-6775/6891;,

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Are there any goals for LSS this upcoming school year?

  • Provide training, mini-workshops, and activities on mental and behavioral health awareness in partnership with the CHCC-Community Guidance Center.
  • Encourage students, faculty, and staff to utilize the Starfish Early Alert system to track student academic progress.
  • Provide informative presentations and educational workshops through our Student Success Series in collaboration with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership and Project PROA.
  • Purchase and launch a career services management program.
  • Launch the Alumni Mentorship Program.
  • Expand the Early Admissions Program by partnering with the CNMI Public School System’s Career Pathways Program.
  • Work collaboratively with BE111 instructors to promote a growth mindset among students.

What are the services offered at LSS?

All students are highly encouraged to visit the counselors during operating hours or to contact them directly via phone or email to schedule an appointment. Below are some of the services students may seek support from LSS:

  • Academic tutoring

  • General or transfer advising

  • Counseling (i.e., social-emotional, behavioral, interpersonal, academic, career, etc.)

  • Grief Recovery Method support (one-on-one or group sessions)

  • Mental health awareness training (Mental Health First Aid)

  • Suicide prevention and intervention training (QPR/ASIST)

  • Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities (i.e., note-taking services, alternate testing locations/formats, ease of access to classrooms)

  • Referral to community supports (i.e., Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation, Karidat, Northern Marianas Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Northern Marianas Protection & Advocacy Systems, Inc., etc.)

  • Job search tools and resources

  • Student Employment and Internships

  • Career exploration and Development

  • And more!

Where is LSS located?

Located in building M and T2 (LSS Tutoring Center).

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STEM - Crystal Names (Kids’ Science Experiment)

Need sparkling and shiny decorations for your home? Here’s a DIY project that you can do with your family over Thanksgiving Break. It will show you how to make crystal names with a technique that is commonly used to make crystal snowflakes.
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1. Shape your Name: Take the pipe cleaners and use them to form the letters of your name. Tie the letters with the fishing line to the pencils or wooden skewers and suspend them in the plastic container, make sure that they fit in the container without touching any sides. You can either form the letters one by one or connect a few pipe cleaners to form your name in cursive.

2. Mixing the Solution: Heat a large pot of water (the heat will help dissolve the borax quickly) but make sure it is not too hot to burn or scald you. Set out 5 small plastic containers and measure out 3 tablespoons of borax per cup of hot water, use three cups for filling one container (i.e. use 9 tablespoons of borax per container). With a long wooden spoon mix each container until the borax dissolves. Next, add 6-7 drops of food color to every container and carefully lower each letter into the color of choice. (If you are already using colored pipe cleaners you do not need to add food coloring)

3. Wait for those Crystals: Put the containers on a shelf and let them sit overnight where they wouldn’t be disturbed. After a couple of hours, you will notice some changes - crystals will start forming on the sides of the container and also settle on the bottom of the container. The next day, you may pull out the skewers with crystal letters. You can tape these glistening letters to a sunny window for the the best sparklingly effect.

Fun Recipe of the Month

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CHCC CGC Programs

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Let's Talk About: Identity Theft

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Mentorship: Self Affirmations

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Adulting 101: Skills To Learn for College

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Interested in attending any of our upcoming activities?

If you are interested in joining or attending one of our presentations, you can come to Project PROA located at Building O in the Archives. For those who are unable to attend the presentations on campus, you can register and watch the presentations via Zoom or you can watch the recordings on the Northern Marianas College YouTube channel. Registration links are provided below in the corresponding flyers. See you there!
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