How To Be Academically Honest

Don't Plagiarize

Why You Shouldn't Plagiarize

You shouldn't plagiarize because if you get caught and depending on what grade and what job you have the punishment is more severe. If you are in grade 1-4 you would probably get a warning. During a test in grades 5- 12 you may get a zero, in college or university you may be kicked out of school. If you do this as an adult you would probably lose your job and be charged with a fine.

How To Not To Plagiarize

Use your own ideas. Using your own ideas will help insure that you don't plagiarize. Another way to not plagiarize is if you do take someone's idea make sure to give credit and write it in your own words, that way if you do get caught you can say you gave credit and wrote it in your own words.


If you plagiarize your reputation will be destroyed especially as an adult. As an adult your reputation is important especially if you are in government or a important job. If you are in government and you plagiarize you would fall more than a normal person, because you are an important public figure. It would mess up a lot of stuff.