International Feldenkrais Week 2016

Events in Bath, Bristol & Surrounding Areas

Access Your Brain's Capacity to Change & Heal

The Feldenkrais Method® is a remarkable approach to human movement, learning and change originally developed by Moshe Feldenkrais. The method is based on principles of physics, neurology and physiology, and creates the conditions under which the nervous system learns best. Feldenkrais is recognised for the strategies it employs to improve posture, flexibility, coordination, athletic and artistic ability and to help those with restricted movement, chronic pain and tension (including back pain and other common ailments), as well as neurological, developmental and psychological problems.

The Feldenkrais Method explores the biological and cultural aspects of movement, posture and learning, and how our habits can constrain us to a small portion of our potential. Through our personal history, upbringing, culture, injuries, illness, etc. we each adopt patterns of physical and psychological behavior. These patterns are deeply embedded in our nervous system, and often become outmoded or dysfunctional, creating unnecessary physical, and psychological limitations. The Feldenkrais Method uses a process of organic learning, movement, and sensing to free you from habitual patterns and allow for new patterns of thinking, moving and feeling to emerge. (From

For International Feldenkrais Week 2016, five local Feldenkrais practitioners will be offering taster classes and individual lessons at a discounted price. This is a great opportunity to come along and experience how the Feldenkrais Method can help you. We are:

Jackie Adkins

Iraina Clarke

Shelagh O-Neill

Mary Wisker

Rona Wyatt

Awareness Through Movement Classes & One-to-One Sessions

Friday, May 6th, 9am to Saturday, May 14th, 5pm

1 Whiteheads Lane


For Feldenkrais Awareness Week only - 10% discount on regular prices for the following sessions booked and paid in advance: 5 or 10 weekly classes, one-to-one sessions, or workshops. Awareness Through Movement Weekly Classes: Mon 6pm & Wed 10.30am. Workshops: usually 2nd Saturday each month. Functional Integration: One-to-one sessions by appointment. To book email Rona:

Individual Feldenkrais Lessons

Friday, May 6th, 9am to Saturday, May 14th, 5pm


Shelagh O'Neill will be offering half hour individual lessons at a disounted price during the week. To book email:

Individual Taster Sessions

Saturday, May 7th, 11am-5pm

Old Bristol Road


Iraina Clarke will be offering 30 minute sessions for £15 at the Knowing Wholeness & Wellbeing event. She will also offer discounted sessions throughout the week in Nailsworth.

Awareness Through Movement Class

Monday, May 9th, 6-7pm

7 Grove Street


Mary Wisker will lead this Awareness Through Movement Class at Bath Scout HQ. It is part of a short series continuing on the 16th and 23rd May. To book email Marie:

Free Your Shoulders

Tuesday, May 10th, 5:15-6:15pm

Nelson Street


Many of us experience tension around our shoulders and neck as a result of habitual movement responses that we're not aware of. In this free taster class, led by Jackie Adkins, you will have the opportunity to feel how your shoulders can move in a different way, creating a sense of space and ease. All ages and abilities are welcome - please bring a mat to lie on and a small cushion or towel to put under your head. (The venue is Dance Space Bristol, entrance on Bridewell St.) To book email Jackie:

Walk with Ease

Thursday, May 12th, 6-7pm

Whittox Lane

This free taster class with Jackie Adkins is an opportunity to experience how the everyday activity of walking could be easy and effortless, by bringing more parts of yourself into play. All ages abilities are welcome - please bring a mat as you will be lying on the floor for some of the time. (Venue is the HUBnub Centre, Upstairs Room.) To book email Jackie: