Johannes Kepler

And the discovery of the ellipse


Born on December 27, 1571, in the town of Weil der Stadt, Johannes Kepler had a ruff childhood. He was very poor and his parents fought a lot. They were to poor to pay for school, but Kepler wanted to good education, so he got scholarships that took him through college. In 1598, he entered the University of Tubingen to become a clergyman.


Kepler discovered that planets orbit in an ellipse, or oval. In his 6 books, he made 3 laws for the planets, called Kepler's laws of planetary motion. The three laws explained the speed of motion of the planets, and their paths around the sun. What helped him discover these things, was that he believed in Nicolaus Copernicus's theory, that Earth revolves around the sun, which helped him made sense of planetary orbits. Click here for more info about planetary motion!
Some of his work

Impact on Daily Life

Johannes Kepler had many impacts of life today. His 3 laws are something we use for the most basic astronomy. They are;

1. The planet must orbit the sun in an elliptical shape.

2. An imaginary line drawn from the center of the sun to the center of the planet will sweep out equal areas in equal intervals of time.

3. The ratio of the squares of the periods of any two planets is equal to the ratio of the cubes of their average distances from the sun.

Johannes Kepler's telescope!

Interesting Facts

He worked with Tycho Brahe, who invited Johannes Kepler to work with him in Prague in December of 1599.

He married Barbara Muller, then after she died, married Susanna Reuttinger just to take care of their children!

As a child Johannes Kepler suffered from smallpox. The disease left with crippled hands and weak vision.

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