An App Smashing Challenge

Welcome to iChopped!

By the end of this session, you will be able to say:

  • I can use app smashing to enhance my lessons.

  • Working together with others, I can brainstorm ways to incorporate app smashing in my lesson design.

  • I can use the strategies and ideas from this session in my classroom.

A popular game on the Food Network, Chopped uses mystery baskets of ingredients to challenge chefs to create new and exciting recipes.

What is App Smashing?

Let's Play iChopped!

Now it's YOUR turn! iChopped blends the game of Chopped with the art of App Smashing. Each team will get a basket filled with items designed to help you explore and brainstorm ways to use app smashing in your classroom. What will your team think of during the iChopped Challenge?

And the items in your Basket...

Using the Ingredients from the Test Kitchen

Airplane Stack Share

  1. Teams willing to share out loud with the group will number off.
  2. Teams may share an idea, take away thought or project they worked on during the challenge.
  3. Teams will take turns sharing in the order they counted off aka "the stack".


Access our materials for this session here:

iChopped Menu and Recipe Cards

iChopped Ingredient Cards

For this session, we were inspired by:




Airplane image via Flicker user Christian Junker

Basket image via Flicker user Wicker Paradise