Blackfish Documentary

Henry Van


In the documentary Blackfish, Gabriela Couperthwaite is successful in exposing SeaWorld on the history of the deadly incidents with trainers and killer whales through footage and interviews with researchers and former trainers share their thoughts and feelings on this controversial issue.


In Blackfish the filmmakers purpose is to expose the shady moments and decisions SeaWorld has made in this controversial issue with the Killer whales. The filmmaker shows footage of the orcas attacking the trainers, clearly in the footage it was not an accident so SeaWorld gives lies to the media. Interviews are shown to capture the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of former trainers.
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The image above shows an interview with a former trainer at SeaWorld. In this interview the trainer gives his thoughts on how SeaWorld said it was Dawn Brancheau fault for her own death instead of the orca. The former trainer was intense in this interview stating how can SeaWorld do such a thing for blaming Dawn for the incident when she is not even alive to defend herself. This interview shows the emotions of the trainer on how he feels what SeaWorld has done to cover up the incident as the fault of the trainer.

In another interview there was a widow explaining what happened to her husband Alex who was a trainer as well. She says the night before he was attacked he was telling her that his job was physical, dangerous, and unpredictable with the whales. The next day she receives a phone call that Alex had been in an accident and he was in the hospital. As soon as she saw how he was she only say his face while his body was all covered up she says. She says that this was a lie and this was just not an accident.

There was an interview that was aired on the news with a SeaWorld representative. He repetitively implied that it was Dawn's fault for the incident because of her pony tail. The representative was covering up for SeaWorld because it was not an accident and it was the orca deliberately attacking Dawn.


Footage of court room

- There was footage shown to see what happened in the court case of SeaWorld. In the footage it showed SeaWorld attornies being shady about the case and would not answer the appropriate way. This shows that SeaWorld has nothing smart to say and can only reply in a curious way when being asked questions.

Footage of Dawn's accident

- In the footage of Dawn's accident she was attacked by the whale. The controversial issue about her incident was it was her fault because of her ponytail. SeaWorld blamed Dawn for her own death because of her ponytail.

Footage of bald guy dragged underwater

-In this footage this trainer was being calm as he possibly can. The whale dragged him down underwater a couple of times. Luckily he had experience as a scuba diver so he was able to survive the deep water while being dragged down.

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In conclusion the people that have died or have been injured did not deserve this to happen. SeaWorld at the time should not have risk the lives of those trainers and should have came up with a solution to keep them safe. I felt bad for those who lost their loved ones to these incidents. I am not too concerned with SeaWorld now since they have barriers between the trainers and the whales. I feel incidents like this will not happen again and now it is safe.