Food Safety Project

Cross Contamination

Preventing contamination from hands

Preventing contamination from tasting

  • Employees can't use the same utensil to taste food. (ONLY ONCE)

Preventing contamination from food contaminants

Preventing contamination from the premises

  • Food must be stored in a clean, dry location where it is not exposed to dust, splash or other contamination and at least 6 in. above the floor.
  • Food in packages can be stored less than 6 in. from the floor
  • Pressurized beverage containers can be stored on a clean floor, unexposed to moisture.
  • Food cannot be stored in locker rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, garbage rooms, mechanical rooms, under sewer or water lines, under open stairwells or other contamination sources.

Preventing Contamination by Consumers

Interview with Hailey Adams

  1. What kind of training do you go through for cross-contamination? "We don't really go through much specific training to work in the deli. We are pretty much thrown into it the first day we are there. There is never anything said explicitly about cross contamination and/or cleaning procedures."
  2. What are some safety precautions taken to avoid cross-contamination? "We have different slicers for meat and cheese. We are supposed to switch gloves when moving between the two items, and even between different types of each item (different hams, different turkeys or cheeses). We wash dishes as frequently as possible."
  3. What do you have to do when cross-contamination happens? 'We have no rules for dealing with cross contamination, since all of our foods are fully cooked before we handle them. The closest thing to cross contamination we experience happens all the time when we have two sliders closed down and we have to cut cheese on our last meat slicer."
  4. How strict is the deli about cross-contamination? "Since all of our meats and deli salads are cooked, we don't deal with a lot of contamination issues. The deli isn't very strict about anything."
  5. Are you supervised to prevent cross-contamination? If so, how? "No, we are not supervised. Our manager leaves by 4 daily. She is mainly concerned with kitchen duties, as that is where most cross contamination will occur."


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