The Steam Boat

The New Way of Transportation

Facts About the Steamboat

1.The steamboat could travel upstream unlike other rowing boats, which saved a lot of time.

2.Robert Fulton was the one who created the steamboat 1807.

3.Steamboats where fast but dangerous. Many people got hurt or killed from exploding boilers and fires.

4.Boat manufactures started making steel boats instead wooden so they wouldn't catch on fire easier.

5.It was fed coals that burned at 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

6.The burning from the coals is what pushes the propeller back and forth.

7.The average life spam of a steamboat was 5-6 years.

8.Many people have been hurt over the vast 40 years of the steamboat with 500 steamboat accidents.

9.By the 1910, there was less then 250 steamboats left in service.

10.The era of the steamboat began in America in 1787 when John Fitch made the first successful trial of a forty-five-foot steamboat on the Delaware River