Hurricane Katrina

by Brooke .S

Hurricane Katrina was the 3rd strongest hurricane in the world. It took place in New Orleans [Louisiana] with wind as fast as 175mph .The hurricane started on August 23rd 2005 and ended on August 31 2005. A hurricane is a strong storm with very strong winds that destroys many things.

Canada's Involvment

Canada has helped with the damage of Hurricane Katrina in many ways. Canada has sent aid and assistance to help the injured and sick people that were affected by the hurricane. Canada has also sent emergency medical supplies to help the severely injured community members. Canada sent volunteers to help clear roads and trees. After the hurricane took place the people who lived in New Orleans needed food so Canada sent around 100 volunteers to help serve hot meals. Canada has also sent many donations to help with the damage.

How Many/How People Were Effected

Over 15 million people were effected by Hurricane Katrina. Altogether the property damage was an estimated cost of $81 billion because of having the city flooded and many more issues. Having the city flooded created many diseases and concerns with human health. Millions of people were left homeless because the hurricane destroyed their homes. Over 1,836 people died because of this disaster.

Clean Up

Volunteers are still in the process of helping clean up the disaster. The volunteers are helping fix water pumps so people can have clean water. Some volunteers have the job of completely rebuilding homes throughout the disaster zone. Mold was starting to grow because the water was just sitting there. Power had to be restored because the Hurricane destroyed ways of getting electricity throughout New Orleans. After the hurricane took place the people that were affected needed clean water and food for their stomachs so Canada brought those things in to help.

Hurricane Katrina was the 3rd strongest hurricane in the past because of its 23ft tall posture. Hurricane Camille was the strongest hurricane because of its wind speed. Although hurricane Katrina was the 3rd strongest it still destroyed at least 986 homes and crossed over 120 miles.

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