Miss Diana: February Recap

We love our families!

Important Reminders

  • Kindergarten DVD
    If you haven't watched your Kindergarten DVD yet (for those who are heading to Kindergarten) please be sure to watch it this weekend to get ready for registration. Don't forget: You can return the form to get a free book!
  • Registration Opens: Monday/Tuesday March 10-11
    We'll pass out your registration packets in class, so if your kiddo is sick please be sure to stop in to pick yours up. Then hurry and return your packet to reserve your child's spot, because we fill spots on a first come, first serve basis. As always, we only have 12 students per preschool or Pre-K class, and only 18 students per Kindergarten class. Did you know we have 65 eligible Kindergarteners, and 51 eligible preschool / Pre-K kiddos returning this fall? I think you can see how important it is to get your packet back ASAP.
  • Kindergarten Info Night: Tuesday March 11 at 7 p.m.
    For those heading to Kindergarten this fall, be sure to attend our Info Night where we'll discuss the pros and cons of public vs. private education. Our Kindergarten teacher will also be there and together we'll answer all your questions. Childcare is available; no need to RSVP for childcare.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences: March 14 (No preschool)
    If you haven't already signed up, and you'd like to attend, please sign up online.

Scholastic Ordering Deadline: Sunday Mar. 9

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Happy Birthday To:

Mason: March 11

Grayson: March 18

Kylie: March 28

Fabulous February!

Wow! What growth I saw as I completed our winter assessments this month!

It is so much fun improving their skills while they think we are spending all day "just playing."

As we head into the final months of this preschool year I want to express my gratitude to you for your support and trust as I work in partnership with you to mold and shape your little ones into confident, knowledgeable, independent, pre-kindergarteners. When we work together their growth and success rate skyrockets. :)

I have had some inquiries for ideas to build alphabet recognition. We don't watch videos or have much time for flash cards, but if you would like to improve quick alpha recognition that would be a good way to do this at home.

There is a DVD by Leapfrog called Leapfrog Letter Factory that incorporates music and songs into their fun letter recognition system. If you would rather not purchase a DVD you can find the individual letter songs on YouTube.com

We had a blast learning how to cut our own "magic" hearts, designing and cutting our own volcanos. We had some fabulous eruptions on "V for Volcano" day. Dinosaurs were studied, a bit of weather talked about, lots of name writing practice, and our Valentine party, of course.

We will be finishing off our ABC books this month! It has been a long term project.

March 2nd was Dr. Seuss' birthday so we will be reading several of his books and trying some green eggs and ham. Hopefully Thing 1 and Thing 2 don't come mess up our room.

March also is Leprechaun month. We will design many different types of traps to try to catch that little rascal this year. Rainbows, coloring mixing, Spring, and hibernation are planned for this month as long as there isn't something more interesting that the preschoolers want to explore.

I look forward to our spring conferences and thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your family's life!

Miss Diana

Combining science and art. Oil and water do not mix on our heart art.

Big image

Another delicious Valentine Party!

Big image

Some events in a child's life really encourage writing. I love this get well art.

Big image

Anticipating the "rain" falling from our shaving cream cloud.

Big image
Big image

Everyone must sign in before seeing the doctor.

Big image
Big image

"Right here, this is my heart."

Big image

Some of our dinosaurs succumbed to the ice age.

Big image
Big image

Yes, we did hold our elbows tight against our bodies to be like the T-Rex. :)

Big image

Our dinosaur habitat in the early stages.

Big image

Quick sand!

Big image

Hatching dinosaur eggs made of baking soda with vinegar. Oh the excitement in the room when the baby dinos appeared!

Big image

V is for Volcano. We designed and cut our own.

Big image
Big image

Add baking soda and water to sand to create your own bubbling volcano creations. (with the addition of vinegar droppers, of course)