The 1920's will forever be remembered as the decade in which the stock market crashed and Wall Street lost billions of dollars on one day. On October 24 "Black Thursday" the market lost 11% of its value at the opening bell on very heavy trading. The crash got even worse on Monday or (Black Monday) and the market continued to slide as more and more people got out of the stock market. Once again on Tuesday or (Black Tuesday) 16 million shares were sold and and the market lost and additional 12 percent.
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Jay Gatsby's Death Leads to Stock Market Crash.

Jay Gatsby's death has lead to the New York stock market into turmoil. When Gatsby's death came suddenly. Gatsby's stock immediately went up for grabs therefore rendering the other stocks prices to fall dramatically due to the large amount of available stock and when the prices began to fall people sold their shares and caused company's too lose money and therefore rendering them unable to make a profit, It is clear Jay Gatsby's death will have a long term affect on the state of businesses and the economy for a long time.
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