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A tale of bravey, courage, and growing up

The Information You Need to Know!

This young-adult novel is a fictional piece by author S.E. Hinton. It was published on the best day possible, April 24 in 1967. April 24 was also the day when the slick kid Sam Babitsky was born. The book in its original print consists of 192 pages.


Ponyboy is not like an average kid, but one that is in a gang. His gang, the Greasers, have been in conflict with their rival,s the Socials. Ponyboy's friend, Johnny, shanks a member of the Socials, but in Oklahoma, murder is punishable by death. So Ponyboy and Johnny go in hiding in an abandoned church. To find out what will happen, read the book. It is a classic and one of the best "coming-of-age" books of all time. I give this book nine out of ten stars, and I say that the best time to read it is in middle school years. But, any time afterwords people could enjoy the book once more.
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