the home of the netherlands

by valerie and alexx also camy brah

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capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam

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population is 16,795,00

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interesting places to vist

1.Delta Project

2.Maastricht Vrijthof

3.Rijks museum


5.Hoge Veluwe

6.Keukenhof Gardens

7.Delft City Hall

8.West Frisian Islands

9.Leiden Canals

10.Canals of Amsterdam

places bordering netherlands

*North sea

* West sea



*Untied Kingdom

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vaalserberg 322.7 metres 1,059 above sea level
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Natural resources

1.natural gas








Main products

  1. oil: $128,002,006,000 (19.3% of total exports)
  2. Machinery: $91,478,189,000 (13.8%)
  3. Electronic equipment: $71,497,419,000 (10.8%)
  4. Organic chemicals: $27,503,254,000 (4.1%)
  5. Plastics: $26,455,914,000 (4%)
  6. Optical, technical and medical apparatus: $25,288,656,000 (3.8%)
  7. Pharmaceutical products: $24,754,342,000 (3.7%)
  8. Vehicles excluding trains and streetcars: $20,853,188,000 (3.1%)
  9. Iron and steel: $14,545,040,000 (2.2%)
  10. Live trees, plants, bulbs, roots and cut flowers: $10,792,036,000 (1.6%
there are alot of places to see and alot to vist . like Delta Project ,Maastricht Vrijthof,Rijks museum,Kinderdijk,Hoge Veluwe,Keukenhof Gardens,Delft City Hall,West Frisian Islands,Leiden Canals, and Canals of Amsterdam all of these are amazing places to vist i love all the colors of the garden and canals of ansterdam lights up the city its a very pretty sight to come and see this this amazing country
"The nation's independence was not completely established until after the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648), when the country's rise as a commercial and maritime power began. In 1688, the English Parliament invited William of Orange, stadtholder, and his wife, Mary Stuart, to rule England as William III and Mary II. William then used the combined resources of England and the Netherlands to wage war on Louis XIV's France. In 1814, all the provinces of Holland and Belgium were merged into one kingdom, but in 1830 the southern provinces broke away to form the kingdom of Belgium. A liberal constitution was adopted by the Netherlands in 1848. The country remained neutral during World War I." see this country has amazing history too maybe you should see it now..

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