Liver Transplant Surgery in India

Liver Transplant In India by Dr. A. S. SOin

Successful Liver Transplant Surgery in India at low cost

Liver transplantation is a technique in which a diseased liver is being replaced with a healthy liver . Nowadays liver plantation is a highly accepted treatment for the end stage liver disease and liver failure. Liver donors are usually those persons who are no more and wish to donate their organs to others in a need. Liver is an organ which is located below the ribs in the right side of the abdomen. Liver handles decomposition of red blood cells, glycogen storage,hormone production, protein synthesis and detoxification. Liver is the only organ which can repair itself but when its stop working properly and its ability to eliminate toxins is reduced Liver transplant is the only option to repair it. Team of many doctors from various departments are needed in liver transplant procedure.

Symptoms of liver disease:

  • Jaundice (Yellowing of eyes and skin)

  • Tea colored dark urine

  • Clay colored or gray bowel movements

  • Blood vomiting

  • Bleed tendency

  • Forgetfulness, Mental confusion

  • Buildup of abnormal fluid in the abdome

There are some requirements needed from the liver donor:

  • Donor must be good in health

  • Donor's blood type should match and compatible with the recipients

  • Donor should have a charitable wish of donating liver without thinking about money.

  • Donor should be between 18-60 years old age.

To ensure physical fitness donor must undergo through a test. CT Scans and MRIs are done and the whole testing takes around 2-3 weeks.

In 1963 first human liver transplant surgery was performed by a surgical team. In 1967 the first successful liver transplant was occurred and after that the process of liver transplant was so improved. Patients with a transplanted liver have the chance of 58% of living 15 years. Failure of new liver occurs in 10-15% cases amongst all cases. In the united states around 100 medical facilities are performing this function and the survival rate of patients are increased from 25% in 1960 to 85% today.

Dr. Soin is known for his pioneering work in all over India for establishing liver transplant. Sir Ganga ram hospital which is a big liver transplant center was established by him only where the Liver transplant cost is Rs 17.9 lac. Medan ta liver institute is a first liver transplant India institute which provide facilities for living donors, Cadaver donor, Adult liver transplantation and pediatric donor. One must always go for a surgeon experienced in Liver Transplant Surgery. In his experience of 21 years as a Liver Transplant Surgeon Dr Soin has performed more than 1500 liver transplant surgeries. Liver disease is the very common and the very major problem in country because after kidney liver is the second most important organ of our body.

Liver Transplant in India

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