Effects On Polar Bears

Try To Stop Global Warming

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Stop The Ice From Melting

If you can try to stop global warming because if we dont the polar bears will die and it will come to us and we might die to after.

How To Stop The Polar Bears From Dying

To stop global warming we can use solar panels on cars instead of using fosil fuels and try to not have fies out side if youn do that alot. These are two ways you can stop global warming.

Dont Endanger Polar Bears

Polar Bears need ice to fish for they can catch fish and if the polar bears cant catch fish they will die from starvation. If the ice is gone the polar bears and many other animals will die like penguins, sea lions, and seals.

How To Stop Global Warming

  1. Use solar panels
  2. dont have neighborhood fires
  3. try not to use fossil fuel
  4. try to stop using cars for transportation
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