Sailors wanted for new expeditions

Walter Raleigh

What is this?

Experience in America, new colonies and get a experience of a lifetime!

You can strike gold, loot Indian camps, and MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Normal sailor salary. Normal sea rations.

For more information, send mail to Walter Raleigh, English explorer at Queen Elizabeth I's royal court.

The Benefits

Don't you just HATE the Spanish and want to loot their gold?

Well here's your chance now! Come on and board the ships to a new world!


Offer available until 1603.

New things

There are many things that you can do!

Discover the amazing vegetables and exoctic foods in the New World!

Raid Spanish bases and trade with Indians!

WIn the Queen's favor!

Funding and Requirements

Funding will be provided by Queen Elizabeth and the requirements are below:

Must be a sailor.

Must serve thy English crown

Ye will get the experience of a lifetime!

About the explorer

Walter Raleigh has set up a colony at Roanoke Island and has returned to England with much booty.


Walter Raleigh

Walter Raleigh

Enjoy your exploration or get your money back.

Address to the Queen's courts

The Queen would either go to Whitehall, Hampton Court, Greenwich, Richmond, Westminster, St James,or Windsor Castle as her royal court.