Pre K weekly update

dinosaurs, diversity and Martin Luther King Jr.

What happened in our classroom?

Thank you for another “Dino-mite” week. We read The Story of Martin Luther King Jr... We brainstormed our own dreams and wrote them down. We also wrote about how to make those dreams come true. We worked in our phonics books and letter buddy journals to practice our handwriting. We finished our dinosaur number writings with stamps and excellent handwritings. Check out our dinosaurs and number writings on our bulletin boards. HOORAY for PRE K!!! We stenciled dinosaurs. We counted to 116 with our classroom dinosaurs. We read more Dinosaur stories!!!! Thanks for participating and bringing in all of your dino books and toys. Your students and I loved itJ! Don’t forget to visit the Art show tomorrow @1-4. Your child’s art work will be on full display. ALL family members are welcome. Call the school or check our twitter account for weather updates if it arises.


What is happening next week?

For the week of 1/26-1/30 we will focus on the letter “Z.” We will recognize it in print. We will work in our phonics books and letter buddy journals. We will practice beginning and ending sounds. We will meet Zany “Z.” We will make zigzag cuttings. We will paint zebra’s with Pre K-B. We will also create our own Alphabet Zoo book. We will talk about how magnets work. We will experiment with them. We will play Magnet hockey. We will have a paper clip count with magnets. We will use different objects in the classroom to help us create 4 object patterns. We will practice writing numbers 21-30. We will practice counting 1-100 and continue to count by 10’s. We will review coins and paint dimes. Don’t forget to donate cans to the SouperBowl. SOUPERBOWL dress down day will be on Friday the 30th, dress in your favorite football attire. We will have Kindergarten Look Night on the 27th@ 6:30. I hope that all of you are planning on attending. If you have questions, please ask. Thanks for ALL that you do. Enjoy your weekends & be safeJ Mr. Alaxson