Planet Earth

Were offering Shelter and a great world to view!

Future earth

Not only do we have technology, such as smart phones, touch screen-computers and many new things, there is much more to come! looking to be updated every minute? Wouldn't you like to know if you're endangered? Well come to planet Earth! Food, shelter and much more.

Things you need to know.

In addition to having the right distance from the sun, an ocean, an atmosphere, Earth is the only planet we know where water exists widely in its three phases as a solid (as snow and ice), a fluid (in the ocean and in lakes, rivers and groundwater) and as a gas (in the air, as a vapor). Earth has an ocean, while the Moon, Mars, and Venus do not. However having the right distance from the sun, an ocean, an atmosphere, and a 24-hour rotation, the Earth also has a rotational axis that is at a convenient angle to the plane of the orbit.

That is just the outside world, zoom into the inside world

Future benefits.

Hover-boards, hover cars, what else would you ask for? Perfect weather (your choice to pick, there are many different place's with different weather around the planet) .

As the technology advances, it will make us smarter as it comes! In so many ways, technology makes our life easier. Anything we want to know (or want to buy) is at our fingertips. Computers, smartphones, and tablets - all of them have played a part in helping us become more efficient.

By: Madison & Kloe.