News & Reminders

Enrollment for 12.28 to 1.8 DUE Wednesday 12.23.15 midnight

Enrollment Calendars for the next two weeks are DUE by Wednesday -Dec. 23rd

The next 2 week enrollment calendar will cover Dec. 28th to Jan 8th

All Enrollments that are submitted on time will be honored- Late enrollments will be accepted as space allows. Full Day space will be limited!

If there is a box available to check - then you are welcome to attend!

If you go beyond Jan 8th and pay- you are LOCKED IN to those sessions!

You will not be credited back for mistakes in your submissions.

Please choose your sessions carefully!

Winter Break is upon us!

Winter Break Menu can be found- online, in the cafeteria, at the bottom of this newsletter, on the documents page of your BASE Parent Portal.

There are NO Drop In's During Winter Break- You MUST check the box and sign up for the session.

Please look to our Menu (below) to help you and your children decide when you would like to attend!

ELECTRONIC Waivers Are required for 12.30 JumpStreet.
The Link can be found below! This is REQUIRED to participate.

Please contact BASE Staff with any questions!

Late Pick up's

The GRE BASE Program closes at 6pm.

We strongly recommend that parents have a backup plan in the event they are unable to pick-up children by 6:00pm.

Reasonable consideration will be made for bad weather and weather related road conditions.
After 6:00pm children are supervised by Program Staff until pick up by authorized persons. Police will be contacted if we are unable to reach a parent/guardian or emergency contact. Police will be given custody of the child after 6:15pm.

I ask you to keep in mind - the GRE BASE staff are committed to keeping your children safe and happy while they are with BASE. Staff also have personal responsibilities outside of their time with your kids. There are second jobs, children at home, and personal obligations. Please respect their time and pick up your child by 6pm.

Everyone here does their best to maintain costs, so that any extra funds can go back into our wonderful program. Additional payroll and overtime is a severe draw on our budget. It is not recouped by our late pick up fees, and in turn, effects our programming. Have a back up plan ready.

This is a Repeat from last week- Current Balance- why you might have one

Please check your balance.

Enrollments are to be paid in advance- we are a self funded program - your payments go directly back to BASE.

If you have Drop In's you may be carrying a balance, please pay this as soon as possible, so you can continue to use our services.

From Dec. 18th to Jan. 1- the Field Trip Fees were not applied into the billing system. This has been fixed and all Field Trip fees until the end of the year are now correct.
If you signed up for care, on an off-site Full Day, you will see the addition of these fees, IF they did not automatically bill when you enrolled

Please, feel free to contact Sherry with any questions.