This Week At P.S. 88Q

October 12, 2020

Brick and Mortar or Remote; We Are Connected

I want to start this weeks newsletter with a shout out to all the ALL STARS that make this work! First, our staff, who have totally reworked how they do what they do!! I walk around in awe of the work they are doing. Their creativity both in the actual classroom and Google Classroom is nothing short of amazing. Thank you! Next, the families. It truly takes a village, and you all have been so understanding and supportive of this transition. You are all working so hard, and although right now you are trying desperately to balance it all, you will look back in years to come and say, "How did I do it?" I can tell you it is pure love for your children. We all see how hard you are working for your children, and they see it too. Last, but not least, the true V.I.P.'s, our children. There is no doubt they take this all so serious, and their attention to safety is remarkable, but they are happy to be back. My favorite part of the day is always the classroom visits, the ones in the building and the ones in the Google Classroom. They are hysterical, and say the best things!! We are always aware we are living through a pandemic, a world health crisis, and how it affects them. Together our main priority is to make them safe, feel valued and loved and always important. This team at PS 88Q is doing that every day and this very humble principal is blessed to work with you all!

This past week we became aware of two cased of COVID 19 at the building, and all proper protocols were followed, which resulted in the building being closed for 24 hours. At Tuesdays parent meeting, we had over 150 families and staff to discuss the procedures and protocols. Safety is our first priority and because the two cases did not originate from the school, all parties quarantined and we were re-opened. The city will sent updates to your child's email nightly, as do we.

Another new event was the Governors rezoning of "COVID 19 hotspots." This map puts us in a YELLOW area, meaning we are open, but under watch. This also means that our school will take part in weekly random COVID 19 testing, beginning this week. If you completed the permission slip for your child to be tested in school, your child may possibly be selected to be tested. We do not know when they will show up, but it will be on a weekly basis, beginning tomorrow.

All information pertaining the testing can be found here:

Families, feel free to reach out to me anytime. We are all here together! Have a wonderful week!

Please Join Our Superintendent at the District 24 CEC Meeting

The monthly CEC meeting will be help via Zoom on Tuesday, October 13th. I have the honor of sharing some of the amazing things our teachers are doing at PS 88Q at the meeting.

Zoom Information:

Meeting ID: 894 0003 1262

Passcode: 599365



Please activate your Operoo Account. All forms, permission slips and blue cards will be completed through there. No need to fill out multiple blue cards in the beginning of the year, only to update throughout the year. We need all students to have completed blue cards, so please complete by the end of the week. The first 100 students to complete have a special prize, as does the first class!! Any questions, please reach out to Maggie Ramos, and she will help you through!

Please Complete The Lunch Form

Lunch Form 2020-2021 School Year! / Formulario de Almuerzo 2020-2021 Año Escolar! Help P.S. 88Q get school funding by completing your child’s lunch form online today! Open the PDF below for details and the link for the form. If you need assistance filling out the lunch form, please contact Ms. Ramos at ¡Ayuda a P.S. 88Q a obtener fondos escolares completando el formulario de almuerzo de su hijo en línea hoy mismo! Abra el PDF a continuación para obtener más información y el enlace del formulario. Si necesita ayuda para llenar el formulario de almuerzo, por favor comuníquese con la Sra. Ramos al
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