Lulu Lemon

National Business

Why does this business exist?

This business exists for athletes who need workout clothing. The creator of Lulu Lemon,Chip Wilson believed that cotton workout close we're not good enough for sweaty workouts so he created a business with stretchy workout clothes.

What does this business sell?

This business sells yoga, dance and running clothing. They sell items like pants, shorts,headbands,shirts, etc

Target Audience

This business targets mostly women ages 12-45. Lulu lemon sells mostly women's clothing and accessories,but does sell some mens items.

Lulu lemon is can get pretty expensive. Most of their items are in the $45-$100 range. The items from Lulu Lemons are mostly wants not necessitys. The motivation for purchase is the "need" for work out clothes.


Lulu lemons competitiors are Athleta, Nike, and Under Armour

Media/Market Startegy

Lulu lemon uses a website instagram and twitter. They post on twitter and instagram often. Their website is updated and easy to use.