Hermit Crabs

By: Madeline R.

A Arthropod is an invertabrate animal of the large phylum
Arthropoda, such as an insect or crustacean.
I choose a hermit crab. A hermit crab has a shell, has two big
claws, two small claws, 5 walking legs, two antennaes, and small
black eyes.

A hermit crab mostly lives near the ocean with sand
or in the ocean.Hermit crabs mostly eat fruit, flowers,leaves
spiders,spinach, and seasalt.

Land animals such as, gunnels, clingfish, crows, and racoons

eat Hermit crabs.

A baby hermit crab or, zoea go threw a metamorphisis developing

modified gills that act as lungs to enable them to breathe

air. They can have 800 to 50,000 eggs at a time, depending

there species, or size.

With good care or if there fortunate enough,

they can last up to 30 years. Hermit crabs are NOT extinct.

The way that humans effect hermit crabs are, humans try

to make hermit crabs fit into bottles, bottle caps, and the worst one


  • they can reach o.5 to 16 inches in length
  • there usually reddish, orange, or brown colored
  • they are very social animals
  • if they find a shell that they like they check it out and go into it
  • the largest hermit crab in the world is a coconut crab.

  • the smallest hermit crab is the ecuadoran, which is half an inch.

I chose a hermit crab because of two reasons, one reason
is because I have one, and the second reason is because
I would like to know more about it.

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