Mrs. Beck's 1st Graders

September 16, 2016

A sneak peak at our week....

This week we have been building good reading habits and we have learned how to pick a "good fit" book. In phonics we have been working with short i word families. Students have also been working on adding detailed illustrations to match their stories in writing. In math we have been solving different types of word problems and we have been practicing addition, different ways to make ten, identifying how many on a tens frame, and counting by 10's to 100. This week we also began learning about soil. Ask your child if they can tell you the 3 types of soil.

Next Week

This coming week we will work on retelling stories that we have read. Next week you can ask your child to tell you about the "5 Finger Retell". We will review short o words and sort short o words by word families. In math we will work on solving word problems and adding three numbers. Students will make observations about different types of soil.


Starting next week we will send readers that are aligned with your student's reading level. This past week I have been assessing students' reading levels. In math I will assign 2 to 3 TenMarks math assignments. Your child will need to download the app on an ipad or open the program using a computer. Please let me know if you need your child's password again. Also, if you do not have computer or an ipad at home please let me know and I will give your child some time at school to complete the assignment.

Important Dates

September 19: Picture Day

September 20: Boy Scouts Recruiting and Chic-Fil-A Night

September 27: Curriculum Night (more info to come)

September 28: Early Release Day