The Giver Overlook

By Lois Lowry created by Marden Catubac

Book Summary

The book "The Giver" is a controlled community without any color at all. Almost everyone except the little ones are assigned an assignment to complete by the community's commitee elders. It's about a special boy named Jonas that was given an important role to receive all the memories given by the giver to use them. But ran away with a new baby to go far away as possible on a journey than staying in a room and do something when he is needed.

Main Character

The main character of the book "The Giver" is Jonas. Jonas is the kind of person to tackle anything in his way, he is very intelligent and curious about how things work in his community. Some challenges that Jonas faces is lying to friends and family about his training and things that he does, going through the painful time he is going through in his receiver training like the memory of pain wen he gets injured.

Other characters in the novel "The Giver"

3-5 Teacher like Questions

1. Who is Rosemary? what happens to the people when Rosemary is released?

2.What happens to the people that get released and where are they sent of to?

3.What is the game called that the kids played outside that Jonas was able to remember the memory of?

Quote from the novel

"If you were to be lost in the river, Jonas, your memories would not be lost with you. Memories are forever"

Overall Rating

out of 10 i would rate this book at a 8. What i liked about the book was that it made u very interested in the book because it made me want to read more and more and it was exciting that somethings in the book happen like that such as someone being released from the community.