Curtis Roo Review

Week of May 23, 2016

CELEBRATE MAY - Upcoming Events

24 kickBall Tournament 8AM-12:30 (No Specials)

FLS Russell Eagleton Playground

26 Kindergarten Graduation 9 AM - cafeteria

27 9AM - Awards Ceremony 1st & 2nd

10AM - Awards Ceremony 3rd - 5th

Summer Library Hours at the Public Library - Mrs. Scoggin will meet students and parents on JUne 23rd and July 28th at the Public LIbrary from 2:30-4:30!

*** Rooms need to be ready, and we need to be out of the building by the end of the day - May 31st!

Renovation Preparation

Office area: Completely packed

Workroom (Down stairs) : Everything put away for now

Rooms to be packed: Balbaugh, Pulliam, Robinson, Holt, Mills, Hebbe, Crowley, and Morton

Building Preparation for Renovations

With construction work happening on every campus or building we want to provide you with some specific instructions concerning your work area.

As a reminder most every ceiling tile in the building will be moved in and out. In some areas entire ceilings (ceiling tiles, lights and ceiling grid) will be removed.

  1. Your work space (Classroom/Office) needs to be cleared of all items that are personal items.

    1. Your personal items could get damaged or misplaced. If you decide to leave personal items, we still will do everything we can to prevent damage or being misplaced.

    2. During construction we ask that you stay out of the buildings, unless it has been cleared with your campus Principal or District Administrator. There are safety concerns and liabilities of the construction company when you are in a construction zone. If you need to get to your work area to pick up something you have forgotten, if you will contact the Facilities Department, we will work with you.

    3. If you have cabinets, you may place your items in the cabinets. To help prevent dust from the work, USE ONLY BLUE PAINTERS/MASKING TAPE to seal over the cracks in the cabinets.

    4. Take down any items from the walls that stick out more than a few inches away from the walls.

    5. There are times during the summer where the Internet/network will be down during the construction process. Technology will address and provide more details concerning this.

    6. Our construction company “Pogue” will be responsible for daily clean up inside and outside the building during the construction. When you encounter an issue concerning the care of your building, then you need to contact Weatherford ISD Custodial Director Andy Hobson. The cleaning of your building during construction will be managed by Director Andy Hobson.

    7. All Bookshelves will need to be covered and taped with paper or plastic.

    8. Personal and school items may be boxed and placed out of the way to the side or corner of room.


There will also be a schedule for non classroom teachers and para professionals to help with packing our office area and workroom!

Early Release May 26 and 27 at 11:45

Thursday, May 26 - End of Year Celebration at Durant Auditorium at 1:15! Remember to not be late!!! Jeans and Curtis shirt!

Friday, May 27 - Lunch provided in cafeteria at 12:15.

Summer Newsletters

Please update your webpage for the Summer. I would like everyone to include in the webpage or through a link to Google Classroom or Canvas for how parents can support kids through the summer. Please, provide directions for how to access online resources and links for these resources.

You might also provide common questions to ask students when they read!


Last Week of School Monday - Thursday- Jeans

(Please wear professional dress for Awards and Graduations)