Kingston, Jamaica

By: Schuyler Adare Gabbard

Emerse yourself in a tropical city with plenty to do, bursting with culture and diversity in the heart of Jamaica.

Fun Facts About Kingston-History & Culture

Although trek and field is a large part of Jamaican history and culture its definitely not the only thing about kingston and the rest of Jamaica.Many cricket ball, bob sleding and football (soccer) stars have come out of Kingston.If you went to Kingston you'd notice Jamaicans are more laid back and relaxed people, also very friendly.But Jamaicans can be very direct so be carful what you say.Now for those history fanatics lets get started.Jamaica was first discovered in 1494 By Cristopher Colombus, in the early sixteenth century they started to replace the natives with african slaves.England gained controll of the island in 1655 and used it for sugar,cocoa,and coffee plantations. Kingston became a busy port in the mid sixteen hundreds and from that point on, exept there are no more pirates.And there you have it the history and culture of kingston.


Indulge your tastebud's with amazing exotic Caribbean cuisine that will blow your mind.

Penty to do in kingston

Instead of siting in your hotel room your intire trip to kingston here are some things you could do.I hope you brought your swim trunks becuase kingston has incredible beaches with sand as white as snow water blue as saphire.Have a strole in the park,emancipation park is great place to relax, chill with friends or by yourself its very clean and has its own security personel,its a little pease of paradice in kingston.Fun for the whole family check out putt n play amussment park its got mini golf bumper cars rides and more.Have a blast.


Kingston holds many unique sights and landmarks here are a few of them.The blue mountains, and no they are not blue,these mountains are beutiful it could bring a tear to eye truly astonishing.Port Royale, Just a tad wet, Port royale was a busy and profitable seaport befor it sank into the sea in 1692 becuase of a earthquake and almost no survivers it is a fasinating place full history I recamend you see. P.S bring scoba gear.Last but not least the Bob Marly muisame it sounds boring but if your a fan of Bob Marly this is the place for you.


Better get use to the tropical weather rainfall varies for each region kingston doesn't get too much rainfall but not too little.The temp however ranges from 80 to 90 degrees all year, being tropical prevent large temp variations.Be carful when you come to kingston in May and October its rainy season, June to November its hurricane season.Also 80 percent of the island is mountainous so it can get pretty high up in places.Be safe bye
Downtown Kingston celebrates 140 years


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