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Eli Havlik, Editor-in-Chief

Illegal Immigrants stealing our jobs

Illegal immigrants are coming here from all over the world taking jobs right here in America. It is wrong that they can just steal our jobs when they shouldn't even be here. Companies should have to hire American citizens as workers. If they are here illegally, that is like hiring a criminal because they are living here illegally. Hiring Americans helps our economy if more Americans have jobs. If you hire Americans, then your workers can't be deported.

If you have any national pride, you will fight for stronger immigration laws

Alice Paul, Women's Suffrage Leader

Dear Future Americans,

When you fight for what you believe in, good things can come. We persevered through a lot to get where we are today. We protested in front of the White House and were attacked by a crowd of men, we went to jail and starved ourselves in protest.

If its important to you, its worth fighting for. People may doubt you, or say you are crazy (some people thought women's voting was crazy) but ignore them and keep working for your goals and dreams.


Alice Paul

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18th Amendment Is Taking Our Freedoms

America, "the land of the free" seems to be no longer. The 18th amendment is taking away our rights because we can't even drink what drinks we want! If America were truly free, then we should be able to make and drink whatever drinks we want! (Eventually the 21st amendment would take this crazy amendment away and make America the land of the free once again.) The Statue of Liberty represents our freedoms, but in this picture, it is shown drowning like all of our freedoms. Many brewers and other people are still making alcohol for purchase today, you just need to find your supplier and not inform the authorities.


As we sent the USS Maine to Cuba to help Cubans and Americans that were in Cuba in need of supplies. Spain bombed our ship killing many American sailors. This clearly means that Spain wants war with the US over Cuba because they are bombing innocent ships. This demands our government's attention to attack and destroy them for what they have done.

Spain clearly is demanding war.

We need to respond and attack them, but at the same time we must protect our colonies we have added like The Philippines and continue to support Cuba because Spain seems to be jealous of all of our assets around the world.

Overall, this is a devastation to our country because of their bombing of our ship in Cuba.

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The US Armed Forces Want Your Help

The US army wants YOU to join to help the war effort in Europe against the Central Powers! If you are a young man interested, go to your nearest recruiting station and sign up today. The more, the better, a bigger army for us means a bigger victory in Europe. Remember all Americans, do your part to support the soldiers but, being a soldier could be your part.


Telegram Intercepted

The British army has intercepted a telegram from Germany (of the Central Powers). Germany was trying to get the telegram to the Mexican government to persuade them to start a war with us to distract us from joining the Allied Forces against Germany in the Great War overseas in Europe. After the incident with the Lusitania, this seems like the last straw. We may try to stay isolated as a nation but after Germany blowing up a ship killing innocent Americans, and them telling another country to start a war with us to distract us from attacking them, we need to take action against them.

If we join the Allies, we can win the war very quickly and stop Germany and get revenge for all they have done to us. We need to get a movement to get the government to go to war with Germany on the side of Britain immediately and fight for the people lost on the Lusitania. We cannot keep sitting around on something like this, it is time to take action!

The Great Yankees of the 1920s

The New York Yankees in the 1920s is the best baseball dynasty of all time and probably the best in any sport. Early in the decade, they began constructing the great Yankee Stadium (it stayed open until 2008). Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth, two of the greatest players and hitters of all-time joined the Yankees early in the 1920s. Babe Ruth still sits at 3rd all-time in home runs with 714! Lou Gehrig played in 2,130 straight MLB games while playing through many injuries and a bad back problem, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1939 and then died from a disease still called Lou Gehrig's disease. Babe Ruth was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1936, the inaugural Hall of Fame class.

They started their almost unreal run of 27 championships in this era, winning it in '23 '27 '28 '32 and '36 while losing the World Series in a few other years. Their new stadium fit 75,000 people in it for the first game against the Red Sox. Nothing like Ruth and Gehrig's Yankees can ever be duplicated just off of how great they really were.

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The Legend of "The Great Bambino"

Herman "Babe" Ruth was born February 6th, 1895 in Baltimore. The Great Bambino played in the MLB for 22 seasons. He sits 3rd on the all time home runs list with 714 and is the reason for the "Curse of the Bambino" where the Red Sox did not win a championship from when they traded him to the Yankees in 1920 until 2004. The Babe is the game's most memorable player ever because of his star talent and his charisma and personality. The Babe won 7 World Series in his career along with his final World Series against the Cubs at Wrigley field where he allegedly "called his shot" he pointed to the center field stands and then on the very next pitch, he hit it right where he pointed.