The man in the shadows !

by Joshua Koehn

Life to death to glory

He was born in 1371 in the Kunyang sub-district of china. he lived till till the age of 62, and cause of death is unknown. His final resting place is in Nanjing.

Within his lifetime he captained 7 voyages to south-east, south, and west Asia. as well as east Africa.

Meany of his accomplishments for his country were that he had brought back meany deffrent types of animals and ways of living. However the biggest of these accomplishments is that he brought back knowledge from his voyages, mainly of the land that he found and of the people that lived in the land.

The map of zheng he's voyages 1405 to 1433

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The mythical beast unmasked?

In China there is a beast called the Qilin, its described as hoofed beast with what looks like fire coming off its body. It's imminent to appear when a sage is bound to voyage to a near land. It's also known to bring good omens mainly prosperity and serenity. and within a voyage zheng he believed that he found it in africa, so he brought it back to China. this beast that he found is now called the giraffe.

The memory of zheng he?

Zheng he sailed in total of 7 voyages from 1405 to 1433 when he died of possible disease and was then thrown over board. But they made him a monument in his honor in Nanjing.

A lot of his work and files that are still around today are mainly his or his crews notes of the voyages, mainly because the emperor of china at the time believed that there money should be spent on the great wall of China not at sea trying to make culture ties with other lands. So instead of just not funding the trips the emperor decreed that all of the official notes and manuscripts be destroyed and burned. He also destroyed most of the boats and the others he didn't destroy were forced to stay in the harbor and rot. In the end zheng he is barley remembered in his own country.