The Exhilarating X-Box 360

For only $175 (Kinect & Wireless controller Included)

Entertainment System

  • The X-Box 360 is mainly a gaming system so you can play great games.
  • The X-Box 360 can allow itself to be an entertainment system meaning you can also watch Netflix and listen to Music.
  • You can make your own Avatar along with your own profile.
  • Browse the Web.
  • Most of all the X-Box 360 allows you to have fun with your friends!! Have all you guys/girls play a game together!
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The X-Box 360 Kinect

  • The X-Box 360 Kinect is bringing games to life by using no controller yet playing a game.
  • You just stand in front of the sensor while it recognizes you and the Kinect will reply to your movements.
  • It is effortlessly easy to use.

What Parents can do

  • Feeling your kid is a little too addicted to the X-Box and needs to get outside? Parents you can...
  • Require Parental approval.
  • Set a daily timer.
  • Specify who your child can chat with.


Q:How long was it used?

A: About 3 to 4 years still going strong!!

Q: How much is it on other sites?

A: I checked on Amazon, it said for $339.00 for the console and Kinect.

Q: How old is the X-Box and Kinect?

A: I got this baby about 3-4 years ago. But, I got the Kinect about 2-3 years ago.