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The Protostega Gigas

Bubbles the Protostega

Bubbles was a Protostega Gigas,. Bubbles lived about 83 million years ago, in the late cretaceous period. Her bones in fossil form were found near the coast of Texas. Bubbles died, but the cause of her death is unknown. The Protostega Gigas eventually evolved into the modern sea turtle.

Her Journey and Some Special Features

Bubbles' journey to shore to lay her eggs meant she had to swim hundreds of miles. She had strong flippers that helped her to swim very fast, and escape from predators. Bubbles also had a light body. Her shell was more leathery than modern sea turtles, and it stretched over wide flat ribs. So, even though she was three meters long, it was very easy to swim around. When she got to shore though, it was very hard for her to drag herself higher than the high tide line to lay her eggs.

What did Bubbles eat?

The Protostega Gigas was an omnivore. They ate things like jellyfish and seaweed. They had a long, slightly pointed head so they could eat slow moving things.

How can you help?

Donations to family to find how she died are greatly appreciated. Please send donations to their house in Texas.

Wrap up

  • Bubbles was a Protostega Gigas
  • The Protosetga Gigis was a very, strong swimmer
  • They were omnivores
  • Females migrated hundreds of miles to lay eggs
  • They were about three meters long

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