Technology Tidbits and Training

Instructional Technology Resources Issue #3

Virginia Technology Standards

Virginia Technology Standards include social, legal and ethical responsibilities for students. Students in grades K-12 should

A. Demonstrate knowledge of basic practices related to online safety.

B. Discuss and model responsible behaviors when using information and technology.

It is important for all students to discuss and understand digital citizenship. For guidelines for these discussions refer to the standards found on the Department of Education website, ISTE Resources for Education and our district's technology policies by clicking on the link buttons below.

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Spotlight App! Google Drawings

Google Drawings is a free software that allows users to collaborate in real time to create charts, mind and concept maps and other types of diagrams for all grade levels. Follow the link to learn how to create, edit and insert a document in Google Drawings.

Thanks to "Ditch that Textbook!" and Matt Miller, attached is a shared link with multiple free templates for Google Drawings that you can use and change however it best suits your needs. At the bottom of his page is a link to a shared folder with fantastic activities you only need to make a copy of to use and share.

Here is the Pro Tip on the page just in case you don't follow the link:

When you copy a URL (link) to any G Suite file, it probably says “view” or “edit” at the end of it. If you change that word to “copy”, it will force whoever opens that link to make a copy of the file instead of opening your file. That’s a trick to keeping your original version from being altered. (If you assign it through Google Classroom, you won’t need to do this.)

Google Education: Chrome Accessibility Features

Watch this short video for highlights on built in accessibility features in Chrome and how to access them.

Tammie Parrott-Instructional Technology

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